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Hi, I'm Dewald.

I fondly remember how my aunt, Céleste Compion, showed me how to do hand quilting roughly 30 years ago. Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined how much that evening would mean to me.

I am a general medical practitioner by day, and quilting saves me at night and on weekends. I started this hobby in 2016. I wanted to make something. I tried painting, knitting, pottery, crocheting, needlepoint... but I loved quilting. I love working with fabric. There's beauty and magic in the textures and prints of fabric, even before you start cutting it. And then you get to play with that! Bonus!

I hope my work makes you happy. It teaches me patience, and calms me. It challenges me and motivates me to try new things. I’m meeting amazingly creative and talented people, sharing stories across all borders. Quilting has opened a whole new world to me. 


So this is my journey...  Welcome on board!  

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